All about our down jackets in 100% recycled materials

For fall 2023, we’re launching a series of down jackets made from 100% recycled materials. All the jackets offer superb thermal properties in relation to their weight and are adapted for active outdoor pursuits. Down garments have long been criticized for the animal suffering caused by down production, but here at Lundhags we combat this by only working with recycled down and circular materials – our down comes from duvets and down jackets that have reached the end of their useful life.

Producing down jackets in fully recycled materials is an important milestone in our sustainability work, and a prerequisite for these garments to see the light of day. The global textile industry has long struggled with sustainability issues, not least when it comes to the production of down garments. Responsibility lies not just with the clothing companies but also consumers who, by choosing quality and sustainability, are contributing to better animal welfare and a more circular lifestyle, says Category Manager Sara Wiksten.

The Fulu Down Jacket is the warmest of the range, and just like the other models, great emphasis has been placed on developing the optimal fit for an active outdoor life. The jacket has superb thermal properties in relation to its weight. Wear as an outer layer or over another shell jacket.


The Tived Down Jacket is a lighter and thinner jacket with less down filling than the Fulu. This jacket is the perfect insulating layer for hiking or skiing. It takes up little space in your rucksack and can be worn as a midlayer under a shell jacket or as an outer layer. The jacket has superb thermal properties in relation to its weight.


The Stockholm Down Parka has a retro-inspired look, but its advanced performance makes it a modern classic. The shell and lining fabric are recycled, and so is down filling. The down is recovered from discarded outerwear, washed and sorted to become a premium quality product once more.