As the producer of outdoor products, there are many ways to contribute to a long-term sustainable environment. One of the most important is to design, develop and produce products that are both timeless and maintain the highest quality. Lundhags products are therefore the complete opposite of the term “consumerism”. A product of high quality will always have a lower impact on the environment than a product of inferior quality, in the long-term.

Is it broken? We repair.

Our boots are an excellent example of our approach. At the foundation, all of the boot's parts have incredible durability, but even the best boots wear out when being used. Thanks to their apparent simple construction, we can exchange the parts that wear, like the outsoles, without any problems. We can repair or exchange damaged parts. It isn't by chance that our boots lack, for example, a membrane. In short, our boots last long.


We minimize our impact on the environment.

Of course, each manufacturing phase implies some stress on the environment, regardless of what is manufactured. This is so in our case as well, even if we do everything we can to minimise our contribution. An example is the chemicals we use to give products the characteristics demanded by the market. It isn’t that easy to design a garment that is waterproof, water resistant and ventilating, with chemical treatments. We always choose outer treatments without fluorocarbons, which are harmful to the environment and living organisms.


Using nature's resources.

In certain instances, however, natural processes are superior to artificial treatments. For example, this applies to merino wool, which we use in long underwear. The special structure of merino wool has characteristics that allow it to retain water up to 30% of its weight without it being experienced as damp. Further, merino wool is naturally odour repellent.


Sustainability costs. But it's worth it.

Sustainability often cost quite a bit. Because sustainability has a direct relationship to quality, such as choosing the absolute best part of the hide when we make a boot, using materials with the same characteristics in all directions, and using ecologically grown cotton. Hence, when considering the life of our products, you will view them as investments with good long-term returns. Together, everyone will gain from sustainability – you, us, and not the least, the environment.