Care about Lundhags Waterproof

Keeping the elements outside - and still let the moist from inside to come out.

Why Lundhags Waterproof?

  1. It's Sustainable: Durable and made to last and to be reparied. Recycled and recycable materials. 100% Fluorocarbon-free.
  2. Great performance: Keeps rain and snow out, and moisture that comes from sweat get out. 
  3. Packability: Our Lo Shell is extremely lightweight and offers great packability. Perfect to bring everywhere.
  4. Extra features: Hood that fits well around your head and can be adjusted tightly without impeding vision. Adjustable cuffs that can be tighten with velcro to reduce water entry. Easily accessible chest pockets are handy when wearing a back pack.

Lundhags Waterproof (LWP)

Premium, recycled quality fabrics with high levels of waterproofness and breathability. Choose from durable outdoor work wear to lightweight, packable garments, always close at hand to quickly protect you from the elements. Our waterproof shell line is developed with three new and sustainable fabrics to fill the different needs from our different users. We have chosen 3-layer laminates for maximum function and comfort. An outer layer from recycled fibers, an inner layer for soft comfort and a middle layer with a waerproof membrane.

Tested in-lab and outdoors by trekking guides

Because we want our products to last a long time, all of our fabrics undergo in-lab and in-field testing, so that we can guarantee that they live up to our high standards. There are numerous criteria to fulfill when choosing a waterproof garment, depending on its purpose. That’s why we introduce three different shells, all with their own purpose: Ocke, Laka & Lo. Named after lakes and streams in Jämtland where we come from.

Ocke Jacket – The toughest of workhorses with the most features like pockets and adjustments.

Laka Jacket – Universal, fits most situations.

Lo Jacket – The lightweight with maximum packability and a minimalistic design.

Padje Light Waterproof Jacket - New, super light with high performance 



It´s important to care for your shell garments. Because we don´t use any flourocarbons in our DWR-treatments (Dirt & Water Resistant), it´s extra important to keep it clean and impregnated to retain its water resistance and breathability. The pores that lets moisture out while also keeps water out, looses their functionality from dirt and sweat that clogs these pores with time. This is why the garment needs to be washed regularly.

After washing, the garment need to be reimpregnated to keep its waterproofness. The best impregnation method for waterproof shells is spray, it creates a water resistant surface, but putting ”wash-in” impregnation directly in your washing machine also works. The impregnation is re-activated with heat-treatment, however this is not entirely easy. To much heat can affect the garments taped seams. This is why we don´t put the tumble dryer wash symbol in our shells.

What do I do if the garment breaks?

Since the shells have taped seams which is made with a machine, you need to contact a tailor who can apply taped seams.

How to Wash

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