Lundhags Waterproof - Reliable Rainwear

We at Lundhags love weather, and by that we mean all weather. That’s why we create and continuously develop clothes that truly can handle being outdoors, all year around, regardless of the weather. Our Waterproof Series is made from recycled quality materials and consists of robust, durable and environmentally friendly rainwear that you can trust every day.

When we create clothes for outdoor adventures, we strive for many things: functionality, comfort and durability are some of them. The garments must withstand weather and wind, be comfortable, and last a long time. In addition, they must be kind to the environment. Below you can read more about our popular shell jackets Lo, Laka and Ocke.


Shell Jackets for all Weathers

Padje Light Waterproof Jacket keeps the elements out while being super light and functional - this is a state-of-art-jacket. The lightness comes from a 3-layer extremely light fabric that have high waterproof-ness and at the same time high breathability. Furthermore, the stretchy features of the fabric increase the movability. 

Lo Jacket is our lightest and most minimalistic shell jacket in the Waterproof Series, which, despite its simplicity, shuts out both rain and wind, while it breathes. Made of a thin 3-layer material with stretch for maximum freedom of movement. Match with Lo Pant for full protection.

Laka Jacket is a little more functional than Lo, and in addition to the same good qualities it's got a finely knitted lining for increased comfort, and large front pockets for smart storage. Thanks to the warming lining, Laka is a rain jacket that keeps you warm even on the colder days. Laka also has matching weatherproof pants.

Ocke Jacket is our most functional shell jacket, developed to withstand the toughest weather conditions. It’s reinforced where needed, durable and robust, without compromising on comfort. Ocke Jacket and Pant are the Rolls-Royces of rainwear.

laka ws box.jpg

Rainwear That Keeps its Promises

All our products undergo tough tests, because we want to ensure that they live up to our high demands and expectations. The Waterproof Series is the result of many years of development and improvements, both in terms of materials and design.

Lo and Laka are rainwear made for everyday adventures, whatever they may be. Designed so that you can easily have them in your bag and then just as easily put them on when the weather changes. Ocke is a shell jacket for adventurers heading out on longer hikes in more demanding weather. So, what do you expect from your rainwear?

​​Here you can read more about taking care of your Lundhags Waterproof, and everything about our hiking clothes.