Trekking Jackets - Lundhags Jacket Guide

Spending time outdoors is an easy decision, but finding the right trekking jacket is not as easy. Therefore, we’ve made a brief guide to all our trekking jackets with information about materials, design and functions. Let us help you find the right jacket for your outdoor adventures!

Lundhags Trekking Jackets

What kind of qualities you’re looking for in a trekking jacket depends on what kind of adventure you’re planning, that’s why we have jackets for all types of excursions - long, short, tough and simple. But no matter which of our models you choose, you can always count on:

  • Great comfort/freedom of movement
  • Good breathability
  • Durability/wear resistance
  • Water- &/or wind resistance
  • Great fit

Some of our jackets are more simple, both in terms of design and function, and are suitable for shorter, seasonal trips, while other models are more advanced and can handle tougher conditions. Below you will find a list from our simplest to our most advanced trekking jackets.

Waterproof jackets

Simpler Jackets for Trekking

Seasons: spring/summer/autumn/winter

Price level: 1800-3800 SEK

Gliis Anorak

A light and quick-drying anorak that provides good weather and wind protection on summer trips. The waxed surface can handle light rain. 


Knak Jacket

A simple and functional hiking jacket with an elastic waist for optimal fit. Resists wind and light rain. The clean design makes Knak just as suitable for travel and more relaxed activities. Match with Knak Pant.


Lo Jacket

Lo is the simplest model in our Waterproof Series - a minimalist shell jacket that can withstand all types of weather, and that you easily pack in your backpack. Made of functional 3-layer material with light stretch for extra comfort and maximum freedom of movement. Match with Lo Pant.


Laka Jacket

Laka is also part of the Waterproof Series, and is slightly more advanced than Lo, as in addition to the same properties, it’s equipped with a finely knitted inside for additional comfort. Laka Jacket has a nice balance between ventilation, durability and comfort. Match with Laka Pant.

Summer spring jackets


Medium-advanced jackets

Seasons: spring/summer/autumn/winter

Price level: 2300-2500 SEK

Habe Jacket

A versatile and reliable windproof jacket for the more demanding seasons. Equipped with wind-protective snorkel hood and longer back for extra protection. Habe has seamless shoulders for increased comfort and less chafing. Resists light rain.


Habe Pile Jacket

An extra insulated variant of Habe Jacket, designed for winter trips. The hood is lined with teddy and the sleeves have Primaloft padding which gives less friction and a slim feeling.


Viik Hoodie

A warming reinforcement jacket that works both as a mid-layer or a protective outer layer. The combination of light Primaloft insulation and durable outer fabric, gives you a versatile jacket that allows you to be active all year around. Also available in a model without a hood - Viik Jacket.


Makke Jacket

A light three-season jacket in durable materials, with stretch sections that provide increased freedom of movement and comfort. Perfect for you who’s looking for a functional, weather-protective trekking jacket with low weight to throw in the backpack regardless of activity. Match with Makke Pant.

Autumn jackets

Advanced Trekking Jackets

Seasons: spring/summer/autumn/winter

Price level: 3000-5300 SEK

Authentic Jacket

Technical and durable jacket in a stretch hybrid construction, designed for challenging hiking. Authentic Jacket has a waxed surface in exposed areas for extra weather protection, and stretch for freedom of movement and comfort. Match with Authentic II Pant.


Sprek Jacket

Sprek Jacket is perfect for trekking in demanding weather. It’s long in the model and equipped with a storm hood and large storage pockets. The jacket is adapted for use with a harness or backpack, perfect if you want to go on top winter trips or ski with a sled. With its versatility and durability, Sprek is the ultimate four-season jacket.


Sprek Insulated Jacket

​​This model is extra insulated to withstand tougher winter trips. The jacket is insulated with the help of body mapping, a system that takes into account where the body needs heat best, and provides maximum comfort without sacrificing freedom of movement.


Makke Pro Jacket

The ultimate four-season jacket! Makke Pro is a durable hybrid jacket developed for demanding weather, with ventilating parts for maximum comfort, and flexible stretch over the back. Perfect for summit hikes. Add a reinforcement garment for extra warmth during the winter. Match with Makke Pro Pant.


Ocke Jacket

Ocke is our most durable clothing series, uncompromisingly developed to protect you from the most demanding weather conditions. Ocke Jacket is a super-functional weatherproof trekking jacket equipped with long ventilation zippers, reinforcement where needed, and a protective storm hood. Match with Ocke Pant.

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