Boot Repairs

Ever since the start in 1932, repairs have been part of Lundhags concept. It is a conscious strategy that we repair our boots, backpacks and clothes. The high quality and repairability is part of the very idea of ​​our products, and that is also why the prices are what they are. We think that you should always look at what the price will be over time.


Our shoemakers in Järpen are happy to receive your broken/old boots. Since the boots are built according to our shell principle, it is possible to replace different shells/layers and get them almost as new again. It happens from time to time that we receive boots that are over 30 years old - usually we can make them new again. For us, that's true sustainability.

Prices for ordinary repairs:

Replacing the soles: SEK 900


​​Clothes and backpacks

It's not surprising that equipment and clothes get damaged when you're out in nature - it's part of the adventure. Sometimes, however, it can feel way too complicated to fix them yourself. Our seamstresses are ready to repair tears, broken zippers, or other damages that may occur on clothes and backpacks.

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