No matter what you are about to do, where you want to go or what you plan to see, there are a couple of key features that will take you there. Curiosity, energy and a will to explore, of course. And comfortable pants with just the right features. No matter what your preferences are, and what you need in order to enhance your experience in the outdoors, we have the pants for you.

Functional & Sustainable

This year, we are proud to present our most complete clothing range ever; with function and sustainability as key elements in both design and craftsmanship.


Within the category Waterproof Hybrid, we have combined Lundhags PolyCotton stretch (LPC Stretch) with our waterproof 3-layer membrane Zethar. This means these pants have a durable and waxed leg material along with a 3-layer, stretchy material to protect you from both wind and rain on seat and knee; where you need it the most.


Our hybrid pants with stretch are developed for you to move as free as possible. These pants are durable and have generous stretch panels in the right places for increased flexibility.


Our LPC (Lundhags PolyCotton) pants are durable and lightweight, and will protect you from both wind and light rain when outdoors. The LPC fabric gives great comfort along with a nice breathability. The pants are versatile, breathable and lightweight, and will work just as well in the outdoors as it does in urban environments.


Our softshell pants are lightweight and versatile, and suitable for many types of outdoor activities. The soft fabric enhances its comfort, and as the name implies its shell will keep you both dry and comfortable. The brushed softshell provides warmth, freedom of movement, and good ventilation, and it also makes it lightly resistant to wind.


When the weather is demanding, with a lot of precipitation, you will find our most suitable garments in the Waterproof category. For the pants, we use 3-layer Zethar and if you dress according to the layer-on-layer principle, you will be well-equipped for all weather conditions, from pouring rain to cold, wet snow.