Trekking Jackets Guide

Regardless of what your needs and preferences are, there is a jacket for all your adventures. Every detail in all our clothes have been carefully selected and tested, both in terms of design and function, so that we can help you get even better experiences from your adventures.


Lundhags Polyester Cotton

Our jackets in Lundhags Polyester Cotton mix (recycled polyester/ecological cotton) are available in various designs, both durable, full featured jackets and light, packable models. All are wind resistant, with materials that breathe well and offer excellent comfort. For example Gliis Anorak

For the colder months, we have even insulated alternatives that keep the cold out for example Sprek Insulated Jacket.


Stretch hybrid

Our stretch hybrids are developed so that you move as free as possible. The jackets are durable, while offering strategically placed stretch panels that provided improved comfort and flexibility. With Lundhags Polyester Cotton mix as the main fabric, the jackets are both wind resistant and ventilating – and optimal for spring, summer and autumn.


Lundhags Waterproof

Occasionally, the weather acts slightly more demanding: without sparing on precipitation or wind. A jacket in this category then comes in handy. Premium, recycled quality material with a high level of waterproofness and breathability. We have chosen a 3-layer laminate (surface+membrane+inside) for increased comfort and durability, with various characteristics, specifications and weight – from protection with the highest durability to packable lightweight shells.
More about Lundhags Waterproof



A Waterproof Hybrid offers that best of two worlds: a rugged, waxed, ventilating main material in the form of Lundhags Polyester Cotton mix, combined with our waterproof 3-layer material that protects more exposed areas such as over the shoulders/arms and hood.



Warming extra layers are useful year-round. They provide warmth and wind protection, regardless if you wear it as an insulating midlayer or protective outer jacket during a coffee break.

We offer two different series: Viik with completely recycled Primaloft® Black synthetic filling in our most insulating jackets.

Viik Lt is a series with minimalistic, packable insulation garments filled with the lightest insulating material available – Primaloft® Gold Aerogel – designed for active usage.