Custom Made

We offer specially manufactured boots!

We are shoemakers with long and solid experience in boot manufacturing. We can help you make a boot exactly the way you want it - whether you have one foot bigger than the other, want a narrower last, have problem feet or just want it in your favorite color. We can help with most things when it comes to special production of Lundhag boots.

Do you need a custom made trekking boot?

How to do this:

  1. Download PDF and print it
  2. Fill in the form and draw your feet on the back
  3. Send by post to our shoemakers in Järpen (Att: Skomakare Jonte Grundelius, Brav Sweden AB, Box 29, 837 22 Järpen, Sweden)
  4. As soon as they have reviewed your order, you will be contacted to go throuh your order
  5. Our shoemakers then make the order and start producing your boot 
  6. The boot will be sent out to you together with an invoice

Talk soon!