Fall Jackets for Hiking and Everyday

Is there anything more beautiful than nature in its autumn garb? The trees change color, the winds become chilly, the rain beats against moss and soil, and the air becomes fresh. You just want to go out and be surrounded by all the colors, right? Here you will find good advice from the hiking expert, and tips on smart, functional fall jackets for both mountain trekking and everyday.

Mountain Trekking - the Hiking Expert's Best Tips:

​​Hiking in the autumn is fantastic, but the autumn weather with its sudden changes requires that you are a little extra prepared, in order to not get into trouble. In addition to good clothes - see more about great and functional fall jackets a little further down - there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are our hiking expert's best tips:

  • check the weather report for the area you are going to.
  • adapt the tour according to strength, time and participants.
  • do not dress too warm, do layer upon layer - you don’t want to sweat.
  • always bring reinforcement garments so you don’t freeze during breaks or when the weather changes.
  • pack waterproof clothing (they are light and thin, and really take no room in the backpack).
  • make sure you have shoes that fit the conditions - on park trails most shoes work, but if you are going out into the woods and terrain, it’s a lot better to go with a pair of boots.
  • don’t forget to refuel (bring a lot of snacks), and take breaks, often.

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Functional Fall Jackets

Yes, given the changeability of the autumn weather, it’s obviously smart to think twice about what you are wearing before you go out. If you have good clothes, you’ll be able to enjoy your time outdoors - regardless of whether you are in the mountains or in the city. In short: good and functional clothes are a game changer. Here are some of our best fall jackets:

Viik Jacket is a versatile reinforcement jacket that you easily pull on as an insulating mid-layer when the cold hits, or wear as a wind-protective outer layer. Viik is made of recycled polyester and thanks to its light primaloft insulation, it warms well without sacrificing freedom of movement. Stylish design means that it fits just as well in the city as on a mountain hike.


Our super-functional shell sets Lo and Laka are amongst our top favorites when we talk about fall jackets. We have been testing and developing our Waterproof Series for several years, and these are the results. Simple, sustainable and durable lightweight garments that you can keep in your backpack, and that protect you against all types of weather - whether it’s during your daily commute, a walk with the dog or on tougher hikes.


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