New Updated Fit (Last) System for our Shell boots 2022

A last is the form used in the manufacturing of footwear and considered crucial to the fit. For our collection of boots, we work with several different lasts but for this season we want to make it simpler for you and our consumers. We now introduce Wide for wide feet and Slim for slim feet - and then we have the “normal” that most people will fit in.


Slim Fit

Slim is our more close fitting for more narrow feet with lower arches.



A regular last that fits most people.


Wide Fit

For people with wide feet and higher arches with more volume around the foot and more space for the toes.

Our Shell Boots for trekking has a unique construction, which is well proven to work - and to last.
It was first developed in the fifties and since then we have updated them several times - but the principle stays the same.

To obtain a good trekking boot according to us, you need:

  1. Waterproof bottom (made of cellular rubber)
  2. No padding that gets wet and never dries which also makes it possible to wade in them
  3. Durable
  4. Repairable
  5. Robust
  6. Give stability to ancles (you often carry heavy)
  7. A boot that you can count on

Our boot can't speak but if they could they should require some things from you too

  1. Take care of me (wax or grease) - make it a habit
  2. Use me often
  3. If you don't use me for a while store me cool
  4. 4. If I break repair me


Which style should you choose?

The first question is where and when you will trek. If it is a really cold winter - you should explore the Skare Family with a Felt liner - and you will never freeze again. But if it is more all-year (not the really cold winter) we have many different styles to choose between and then the fit comes into the discussion. Depending on the form of your foot we have different options. If you know you have Slim feet - Start testing our Tjakke Slim or Tjakke Light Slim depending if you prefer lightweight.

Do you have a wide foot? We have more options because we know this is a quite big target group. Here we have both Mid and High options, 1-layer and 3-layer, and lightweight or normal. In the normal fit/last we have even more  options. But the same variants.


1-layer or 3-layer? what’s the difference?

The 1-layer is made of one layer leather shaft - they are not as stable as 3-layer but they are more durable because of the simple construction. The one-layer also forms better around your foot and ages beautifully.

The 3-layer is a development from the 1-layer - the next generation boot, more technical with at 3 layer shaft made of leather, an encapsulated EVA and a microfiber closest to your skin. This comes in lightweight version where we have tried to optimize weight in every detail to obtain a really light boot but this stable, comfortable, functional and great in every way. These are really a piece of artwork!

If you don't find the perfect fit we also offer custom made - to enable even more people.