Why does Lundhags use genuine and not synthetic leather?

Quality isn't just about technical characteristics.

One of the most important things we can all do to reduce our environmental impact is to buy less. To achieve this, the products must be of sufficiently high quality. And 90 years of experience has taught us how important it is to have sturdy and reliable materials in our hiking shoes or boots — if they're to last for generations.

Imitation leather

Hiking clothing includes a range of special synthetic materials with very special characteristics. At Lundhags, we use and blend a wide range of materials to give you the best garments all year round. Synthetic fibres absorb little moisture. They also prevent water from penetrating the garment. Synthetic fabrics also wick moisture out through the garment, keeping you dry and comfortable. For changing weather conditions, synthetic garments are therefore a great option.

When it comes to hiking boots and shoes, it’s not quite as easy.

Our boots are made to be functional. And just as important as the shoes being comfortable today, they should also be comfortable after years of rigorous use. Hiking shoes should be sturdy. They should be breathable and easy to maintain, both in daily use and when it's time for repairs.

Synthetic boots and shoes are lighter than a pair of genuine leather boots. They can also be waterproof and require little maintenance. Some materials, such as PU leather (polyurethane leather), also mimic the look and feel of genuine leather. So why don't Lundhags use synthetic leather in their boots?

The answer is quality.

Genuine leather

For many quality-conscious hiking enthusiasts, leather has always been a favourite. In addition to its natural origins, genuine leather has unique properties.

Genuine leather, whether full-grain, Nubuck or suede, is sturdy, durable and long-lasting. A pair of hiking boots made of leather will feel more stable, while at the same time moulding to your foot. This way you can walk comfortably for hours, or for days if you have to. Whether you’re struggling uphill, climbing rocky mountains or trekking long distances in the forest, across soggy marshes or streams with a heavy backpack loaded for several days.

High-quality leather boots breathe well. This means you won't get damp and sweaty in hot weather, and you won't smell bad. Another sign of quality that many appreciate is that genuine leather has a distinct patina. That’s why genuine leather boots will not only last for many years, they will also get better with time if you take care of them and maintain them.

If you’re looking for high-quality boots, hiking boots in genuine Lundhags leather are the right choice.

Products that take care of your boots

Lundhags Leather Grease or Lundhags Leather Wax are the perfect companions for your boots. For Nubuck boots, use Shoe Proof & Care Spray from Toko to preserve the suede-like finish.

If you want to give your boots the very best protection against water, rub them with wax. The wax makes the surface shiny and darker in appearance, but eventually gives them a nice waxed patina.

Read more about the difference between Lundhags Leather Grease and Wax here.