Boot Care

Instructions to help you take care of your boots and get them to last as long as possible.

If you take care of your boots properly, they can last for decades. Every now and then we get e-mails from fans still using the same pair of boots after 30+ years.

Properly proof the boots the first three or four times you use them. After a while, you will see where you need to proof the boots to get maximum protection against wet conditions.

Use the boots as often and as much as possible, preferably at least twice per month. They will then retain their shape to your feet.

Always use two pairs of wool socks, one thinner closest to the foot (a liner) and one thicker or thin, depending on the temperature.

Clean the boots with mild water and a scrubbing brush. This works on the inside as well to wash out salt and dirt from the leather.

Avoid drying the boots in a drying cupboard or by the fire. They withstand drying of max 40°. 

Remove the insoles and place them standing up in the shafts after each use.

Ensure that your boots are well impregnated if you plan to not use them for a while. The cellular rubber, however, should not be proofed. Lundhags Leather Grease or wax are perfect companions to your boots for keeping them water repellent and conditioned. Read more about the difference between Lundhags leather grease and leather wax.

For boots in nubuck, you can use Shoe proof & care spray from Toko if you want to keep the suede like look but you then loose the caracteristic appearance of waxed nubuck and that nice waxed patina.

Store the boots in a cool and dry place between hikes.

Do the shafts of the boots feel too hard? By leaving the last three pairs of holes/hooks on the shaft unlaced, you will soften up the shaft naturally during first hikes.