Saruk Expedition 110+10 L Regular Long

This is our biggest, most durable and flexible multi-day trekking backpack. Carry extreme loads with extreme comfort. Fits trekkers taller than 180cm. Nothing can stop you with a Saruk Expedition.

  • This is a very rigid and supportive trekking backpack.
  • When you need to carry a lot of gear into the remote wilderness, this is the pack that gives you great support and flexibility.
  • For the advanced and heavy trek where an extremely supportive and comfortable pack is needed.
  • The rigid Carry Comfort™ 4.0 system in combination with the large and flexible pocket solutions really deliver a pack for the most demanding and remote outdoors.

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Product information

Size guides

Should I buy RegularLong or RegularShortS?

Regular Long (RL) and Regular Short (RS) are markings on our trekking backpacks for two different back lengths. Measure your back length and find the best fit for you in this size table.

How do I measure my back length?

In this video, we show how to measure your backlength, how to adapt the carrying system and how to adjust a trekking backpack to your back.

Read more about adjusting a trekking backpack to your back >>

Read more what packing volume you need for daytrip, multiday trips etc >>


Regular Long (RL) For longer backs/bigger torsos
Regular Short (RS) For shorter backs / smaller torsos
Padje Light, Saruk Pro, Saruk Expedition, Fulu Pro
460-560 mm
420-460 mm
Gnaur 90L, 75L, 60L
(adjustable back length)
460-520 mm
420-480 mm
Gneik 54L, 42L, 34L
(static back length)
480 mm
430 mm





Technical specifications

  • Product number 49000-23-604
  • FabricContent:
    • Main material: SuperNylon™ 250, 100% Air Textured Polyamide – recycled. Product includes PU 1500mm coating. 100% Fluorocarbon Free. bluesign® & STeP by OEKO-TEX® certified material.
    • Lining material: 100% Polyamide. Product includes PU 1000mm coating. 100% Fluorocarbon Free. bluesign® & STeP by OEKO-TEX® certified material.
  • Country of origin:Vietnam
  • Carry weight:3.59 kg
  • Length:77 cm
  • Width:33 cm
  • Depth:30 cm
  • Backpack volume:120 L
  • Back length range:460-560
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Season:All Year
  • Concept:Saruk
  • Color:Forest Green

Shipping & returns

The item must be unused and returned undamaged in the original packaging.

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