Packing list for hiking – Day trip

Here’s a complete packing list for hiking.

However you plan to spend your days outside, you’ll need to consider what to take with you. Different trips require different types of equipment. This is a basic packing list for a day trip without an overnight stay, as a starting point for you. Our proposed packing list is, of course, not set in stone, and can be adapted to everyone’s own needs. However, there are a few things we highly recommend you take with you for a safer and more enjoyable outdoor experience. You’ll find them marked with a in the list.

□ Backpack •
□ Boots/trail running shoes •
□ Walking poles

□ Map •
□ Waterproof case for map
□ Compass •

□ Woolen underwear
□ Base layer top (long or short sleeves depending on weather)
□ Shell jacket/waterproof jacket •
□ Hiking trousers
□ Socks •
□ Insulating layer
□ Warm sweater •
□ Beanie
□ Mittens
□ Scarf/buff
□ Swimwear
□ Sunglasses
□ Cap

□ Packed lunch: anything that can be stuffed in a backpack
and easily carried around!
□ Water bottle •
□ Energy sweets/snacks/refreshments •
□ Thermos flask, camping cup, spork
□ Travel towel (for swim)□ First aid kit •
□ Blister plasters •
□ Sunscreen •
□ Insect repellent •

□ Plastic bag for trash •
□ Seat pad for breaks
□ Pocket knife
□ Camera
□ Waterproof bag for electronics
□ Mobile phone
□ Binoculars
□ Torch/headtorch

Everything marked with • is essential equipment that should not be left behind when hiking