Which backpack for which adventure?

Choosing the size of your backpack can be harder than choosing the model – how big does your backpack need to be for a short hike or a day hike? Which size is best for a multi-day hike with or without tent? And do you need the biggest backpack if you’re going hiking for a week? Find out which backpack is right for each adventure here!

Yes, there’s a lot to consider before you go hiking. What clothes you should wear, what shoes you should have – and what you should carry on your back. Regardless of the length of your hike and the weight of your pack, it’s worth having a backpack that’s comfortable, and of course it's smart to have one that is the right size so it meets your needs. For some insight into which model and size to choose, we asked our backpack designer Håkan Nyström about his best backpack recommendations for both long and short hikes throughout the year.

First a summary:

Some people like to bring as little as possible, some people want to bring some extra luxury. The packing volume you need depends on who you are and where you are going but there are some general pointers.

10-30L Daytrips without a tent.

30-50L Day- or overnight trips in a hut or with tent.

60-75L Multiday trekking with tent, food, change of clothes, kitchen gear.

90L+ Long treks and excursions where you need to be self-sufficient for 7+ days.


Which backpack is best for a short hike?

“On a hot summer’s day along sun-drenched paths, Gneik 34 and its airy support system is a joy to carry. It is cool against the back, provides good support at the hips and helps keep your things organized. There is so much about today’s Gneik that makes it a clear favorite for both summer and winter, and I use it for everything from day hikes to multi-day hikes. For simpler day hikes, I choose the classic Artut 26."

imagemtsa.pngGneik is perfect for hiking in both winter and summer.

Best three-day backpack – with and without a tent?

"The customization options on Gnaur 60 allow you to carry your backpack comfortably and conveniently. You’ll also have great overview of your gear, during both the hike and overnight stays. Gnaur is a really great backpack."

Backpack for longer hikes 

"Gnaur 75 or Gnaur 90, depending on what you generally bring with you (which varies by person and also by season). Gnaur allows you to carry heavy loads with less effort – that’s what it’s made for. And it really is a great companion whatever the terrain."

gnaur (1).jpg

The designer’s top tips when choosing a backpack

"Always keep comfort and convenience in focus and try on different backpacks with some weight in them in a store if you can; that is ideal. Think about how you will use your backpack, and for what purpose, and based on this prepare some questions in advance. And, perhaps most importantly, don't take a backpack that’s too small. It's better to have a little extra space left over than to fill your backpack to bursting."

Want to learn more? Read all about our backpacks, browse through our materials guide, and check out Håkan’s smart packing list for hikes!

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