Find your backpack for hiking and laptop

Looking for a reliable and robust hiking backpack, or a flexible and functional backpack for your laptop? With us you will find backpacks for all your adventures, big and small.

Set up your hiking backpack

It is by far the best to carry things on your back, and as long as you choose a good backpack (and pack it right), you can walk long distances with heavy packing without even noticing it. But then it is important to set up the backpack properly.

Here you can read our guide on how to set up your hiking backpack.

Gnaur 60 RL is the largest and most advanced of our backpacks, and is perfect for longer hikes or trips. Thanks to its smart design and high functionality, Gnaur is comfortable to wear on the back even when it is heavily loaded.

On our website you can read more about all our hiking backpacks and get tips on how to pack properly.




Laptop backpack

Are you one of those people who commutes to work and is looking for a backpack for your laptop? Smart! Even if you do not have heavy packing, it is undeniably the most flexible to carry it on your back.

Our Artut 26 is a minimalist but robust daypack that is made so that you can travel comfortably and safely with your laptop, or your school books. It is generously padded in the back and equipped with a smart carrying handle that makes it both comfortable and easy to use for both work and school.

Here you will find all our daypacks.


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