Keep warm during your trek

Few outdoor practitioners are more familiar with cold than a dog sled musher. Our Lundhags friend Stefan Bellika is in short experienced when it comes to keeping warm, and not only during the winter. Here are his five best tips to keeping warm.

Dry is good
Make sure to stay dry. Change to dry clothes if you become cold. And make sure that you regulate your clothing according to temperature and exertion. The harder you work, the less clothing you need. Stand up if you become warm and remove an outer layer so that you don’t sweat.

Layer on layer
The best way to maintain a good temperature is to dress in layers. Merino wool works best closest to the body. Use just the right number of mid layers. The outer layer protects against wind and wet.


If you feel like you are becoming cold, move around instead of sitting down and resting and beginning to shiver. Keep moving around and the circulation will keep you warm.

Cuddle with a dog
In the dog sledding industry, you often talk about “four dogs night” or “eight dogs night”, depending on how many dogs you have taken with you into the tent when it’s been cold. The more the dogs, the colder the night. A dog has a body temperature that 1-2 degrees warmer than a human, so they actually warm very well.


Cook coffee
Gathering wood, making a fire and cooking coffee can be just the right activity to create heat. Further, drinking a hot beverage keeps you warm.