NORR Green Partner

Lundhags is proud to be a NORR Green Partner. NORR Magazin is a German magazine that depicts the Scandinavian countries with extensive knowledge and great passion. The magazine has a clear environmental profile and has chosen outdoor companies that are leaders within environmental issues.

As a part of the partnership, five per cent of advertising proceeds from Lundhags will go towards preserving Swedish primeval forests. Lundhags will also continually work with various projects for a better environment. A step in this direction is our product catalogues. We have changed to FSC-certified paper and FSC-certified printing. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, an international, independent organization that works for environmentally adapted forestry the world over. Read more at As a reader, this will provide you proof that our catalogue is made of paper from forests that have been cultivated with environmentally responsible methods.

"We address companies that work systematically with various environmental aspects. Companies that not only look at the choice of materials, but work with company’s influence as a whole" - Gabriel Arthur, head editor at NORR Magazin