Dominator NIS Skates

Lundhags’ top model for skaters who want to be able to adjust their lateral balance point.

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    Product information

    Size guides

    Size guide for Lundhags Nordic skates

    Do this: Start from which of Lundhags Nordic skate you are considering skating with. From your boot size, you can then easily read which blade length you should choose.
        36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48
    DOMINATOR 40 CM X X X X X                
      45 CM           X X X X X      
      50 CM*                     X X X
    T-SKATE 40 CM X X X X X                
      45 CM           X X X X X      
      50 CM*                     X X X
    T-SKATE PRO 39 CM X X X X X                
      42 CM           X X X X X      
      45 CM*                     X X X
    FLEET 42.5 CM X X X X X                
      47.5 CM         X X X X X X      
      52.5 CM*                   X X X X

    * Pre order only

    Technical specifications

    • Product number 1347029-900
    • FabricContent:
      • Stainless Steel, Aluminium Alloy
    • Country of origin:Sweden
    • Carry weight:1.02 kg
    • Size range:40 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm
    • Gender:Unisex
    • Season:Fall/Winter
    • Concept:Åsne
    • Color:Black


      Which Lundhags skates should I choose?

      You skate on natural ice when you can and you want stable boots that will keep your feet warm – especially when you stop for a coffee break! Choose the T-Skate NNN BC (preferably together with our Guide BC ski boot). The T-skate is the same skate, but without the binding.

      You skate on natural ice when you can and want stable boots, and you prioritize going a little further and a little faster. Select the Dominator NIS (use your skate boot with Rottefella/Prolink binding).

      You skate too rarely to buy both shoes and boots, and you also want everyone in the family to be able to wear them. Select Fleet.

      Are you a real pro who skates on prepared tracks and really good ice? Select T-Skate PRO.

      What is the right skate length for me?

      Check our size guide for each skate model here: Skate size guide

      Which skates fit which boots and bindings?

      “Ordinary” sturdy shoes and boots: Fleet

      Cross-country ski boots: Dominator NIS, T-Skate PR

      Touring boots/BC boots (with Rottefella NNN BC binding): T-Skate NNN BC, T-skate.

      What is the hardness of Lundhags skates?

      The steel has a hardness value of 51 HRC. The tensile strength is 1790–1820 MPA.

      Do I have to sharpen my new skates?

      No, they are sharpened when you buy them. So you can get skating right away.

      What is the difference between the “Speik Secura Safety System” and the “Secura Safety System”?

      The Speik Secura Safety System and the Secura Safety System are both safety systems for rapid rescues on the ice. Both have carabiners for the rescue line, an adjustable crotch strap and velcro to secure the strap so that it is out of the way.

      The Speik Secura Safety System is gray (charcoal) and has a long velcro strap. It is compatible with many skate backpacks, but is particularly suitable for the Speik Ice.

      The Secura Safety System is red and has two velcro straps. It fits many skate backpacks, but is particularly suitable for the Gero 35 WP.

      Lundhags Ice Safety Products

      What is the difference between Lundhags’ Norröra Rescue line and Norröra Rescue Line Pro?

      These are the same throwing lines, except that the weight in the Norröra Rescue Line Pro is removable, while it is fixed in the Norröra Rescue Line.

      Lundhags Ice Safety Products

      How do I use Lundhags’ Speik Secura System?

      You can find an instruction video here: Lundhags – Secura Safety System

      What is the correct length for my ice pike/skating pole?

      For ice pikes, we recommend that you choose a pole that is about 30 cm shorter than your height.

      For skating poles, we recommend that the pole is about 20 cm shorter than your height.

      Lundhags Ice Pikes and Ice Safety Products

      Can I have straps on the Striim ice spike?

      The Striim is an ice pike and therefore part of your safety equipment, rather than a pair of poles. For safety reasons, we therefore advise against using straps on the Striim. If you do want them, you can use Swix alpine straps (e.g. the Swix Sonic strap).

      Lundhags Ice Pikes and Ice Safety Products


    Shipping & returns

    The item must be unused and returned undamaged in the original packaging.

    Dominator NIS Black