Boot Repairs

Our shoemaker in Järpen will gladly accept your broken/old boots. Because the boots are built according to the shell principle, it is possible to change various layers and get them almost new again.

Prices for ordinary repairs:

  • Replace soles 750 SEK
  • Replace tongue 1-layer/piece 300 SEK & replace tongue 3-layer/piece 200 SEK

Contact us with any questions regarding guarantee and repairs.

Contact Us

When you send in your boots to our shoemakers at the factory in Järpen, they should be clean and dry.

Lundhags Skomakarna AB
Atlantvägen 1
837 31 Järpen, Sweden

For all repairs, the customer is responsible for shipping and the article for repair during transport. Lundhags will cover the return shipping if the repair costs exceed 1,000 SEK.