Prime Merino Wool Long John Men

Merino wool long johns mapped with grid fleece for optimal warmth.

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    Product information

    Size guides


    In this video we show you how to measure, take notes of your measurements for Chest and Waist and look in the table bellow.


    Alpha sizes S M L XL XXL
    Chest 88-94 94-100 100-106 106-112 112-118
    Waist 76-82 82-88 88-94 94-100 100-106

    Technical specifications

    • Product number 45501-23-001
    • FabricContent:
      • Main material: 100% Wool – Merino, Mulesing free. Micron number 18,5, 160gr/m2. Second material: 50% Merino Wool/50% recycled Polyester. Micron number 19,5, 260gr/m2.
    • Country of origin:P.R. of China
    • Carry weight:190 g
    • Size range:S-XXL
    • Fit on Body (core or legs):Slim||Slim
    • Gender:Men
    • Season:Fall/Winter
    • Concept:Prime
    • Color:Charcoal/Black


      How good is Merino wool?

      As nature’s very own super material, Merino wool is perfect as both a baselayer and a midlayer.

      Here are some of its amazing properties:

      • Merino wool is an active fiber with the ability to regulate body temperature. It keeps you warm in cold weather and cools you down when it is hot. It also keeps you warm even when it is damp.
      • It wicks away moisture and insulates better than artificial fibers, plus it is lighter in terms of the insulation to weight ratio.
      • The material is renewable and biodegradable.
      • Several studies have also shown that allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin tolerate Merino wool better than other materials.
      • Garments remain crease-free.
      • Wool doesn’t start smelling of old sweat so easily. So you don’t need to wash merino clothes as often as other fabrics – it is usually enough to just air them.

      You can read more about Merino wool here! 

      Fika Merino lt Ms tee + Illusion Merino lt Ws top

      Which size should I choose?

      As a rule, you can simply choose your regular size, but if you want to be sure, you can take your measurements and compare them with our size chart.

      View our size charts here!

      How do you wash Merino wool?

      Wash infrequently! Preferably just air your garment outside and only wash if overnight airing doesn’t work or if the garment is dirty. Use a wool detergent and a wool program on the washing machine. Do not use ordinary detergents, fabric softeners or bleach, and do not dry clean or tumble dry. Once the wool cycle is complete, you can spin-dry the laundry. Simply reshape the garment while it is still damp.

      Click here for more detailed information

      Fika Merino lt Ms tee + Illusion Merino lt Ws top + Eco wool wash

      How often should I wash Merino wool?

      As little as possible! Start by hanging the garment outside to air – preferably when the weather is damp. If the garment has started to smell and the smell hasn’t gone after being aired overnight, it is laundry time. You can also wash the garment if it is dirty, i.e. it has stains or other visible signs of dirt.

      Read more about caring for and washing Merino wool here.

      Is Merino wool prickly?

      When we talk about itchy or prickly wool, we usually mean coarse wool. Merino wool has fine wool fibers that don’t itch.

      Read more about Merino wool here!

      How hard-wearing is Merino wool?

      Merino wool is a fine material. The coarser the wool, the more hard-wearing it will be. You can also mix other materials into the wool to make it more durable. At Lundhags, we have chosen to use 100% fine Merino wool, as its properties are phenomenal and we want to make full use of them.

      That is why it is important to wash your clothes infrequently and wash them correctly to ensure they last as long as possible.

      Do you have to wash wool in a wool detergent?

      Yes! Wool detergent is gentle and contains the wool’s natural fat lanolin.

      You should not use ordinary powder detergent or fabric softener. The enzymes in ordinary detergents can eat away at the wool protein, which can cause holes in the garment, and fabric softeners damage the wool’s fibers, making the wool dehydrated and less soft.

      Read more here.

      What is a micron?

      The micron count describes how fine and soft the wool is, which is a result of the diameter of the wool fiber. A low micron count means a fine wool, and a high number means the wool is coarser. It is often said that itchy wool has a count of 25 microns or higher.

      Merino wool in Lundhags’ collections is normally 18.5 microns. For comparison, coarser Norwegian wool tends to be around 28 microns or more.

      Read more here.


      All the Merino wool that Lundhags uses is, of course, mulesing-free. Mulesing involves scalping some of the sheep’s hindquarters, to prevent a particular fly from laying eggs in the skin.

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