Our Best Trekking Boots

It’s hardly a secret that autumn and winter weather place higher demands on clothes and shoes. Rain, slush and cold must be shut out, but preferably not at the expense of comfort and functionality. Here you will find our best tips on robust, comfortable and durable boots for autumn and winter.

The workhorse

Jaure High (Ms) & Mira High (Ws) - Our hardcore and durable shell boot - the Jaure II High. Made with 3-layer shell construction. Regardless of the challenges and soulful experiences you might encounter, whether you balance on rocky riverbeds knee deep in cold glacier water, crossing thick untracked forest terrain or fighting your way forward with a heavily loaded multi-day backpack, these boots are designed to help you reach your destination.

Made to last, Jaure & Mira is highly repairable whenever needed. 


Lightweight Boots to Trust

Jaure II Light (Ms) - the lightweight version of our most technical 3-layer boot Jaure II. This is the boot for hikers with high demands who want a multifunctional yet light shoe. Jaure Light has a shaft in Nubuck leather, a stabilizing mid-layer in Ariaprene and a leather lining. The durable lower part in cellular rubber, the so-called Certech Exp® construction, protects against sharp surfaces and moisture, and consists of a waterproof outer layer in Liba Smart, an insulating and shock-absorbing mid-layer and an inner layer of microfiber that breathes and provides comfort. The Vibram outsole gives you great grip and a durable front. Jaure II Light is available in both Mid and High models.

Mira II Light (Ws) - the female version of Jaure II Light. Materials and properties are the same, the difference is that Mira has a last adapted for female anatomy.

Tjakke Mid Light Slim - a technical and comfortable all-round boot with good heel grip that can handle hiking and activities in tough terrain. The shaft in suede leather is insulated with soft Ariaprene for extra comfort. Tjakke has a durable and light base and a protective outer layer in cellular rubber, a mid-layer in EVA and an inner layer of quick-drying microfiber. Tjakke Mid Light Slim is the lightweight version, for you who want more flexible, light feet. Tjakke is also available in a junior model. 


Boots for Everyday Walks

Bjerg Mid - a durable and comfortable hiking boot, suitable for walks in the city as well as out in nature. Made of Italian Corradi suede leather with a padded lining around the ankle for extra comfort.  The insole in the new material Arneflex both breathes and cushions well on all types of surfaces. The boot is equipped with an outer layer that protects against water and abrasion, and extra toe protection. Also we have a low version Bjerg Low - check it out!


Repairs and Lundhags Boot Warranty

All our boots are manufactured, just like all of our products, with the goal that they will last a long time. A really long time. Therefore, they are constructed in a way that makes them easy to repair should they break. Repairs of broken or old boots are made by our skilled shoemakers in Järpen (Sweden). And our boot warranty is always included with the purchase.

Here you can read more about our boot repairs, and about Lundhags boot warranty.


Lundhags Custom Made

Do you want a boot that’s made just for you? We are happy to help you create and manufacture the shoes of your dreams, just the way you want them. Here you find all about Lundhags custom made.