Gnaur 60 L Regular Short Hiking Backpack

The shorter version of our most advanced backpack, with durability and comfort for longer hikes or travel.

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    Product information

    Size guides

    Should I buy RegularLong or RegularShortS?

    Regular Long (RL) and Regular Short (RS) are markings on our trekking backpacks for two different back lengths. Measure your back length and find the best fit for you in this size table.

    How do I measure my back length?

    In this video, we show how to measure your backlength, how to adapt the carrying system and how to adjust a trekking backpack to your back.

    Read more about adjusting a trekking backpack to your back >>

    Read more what packing volume you need for daytrip, multiday trips etc >>

    How do I measure my back length?

    In this video, we show how to measure your backlength, how to adapt the carrying system and how to adjust a trekking backpack to your back.

    Read more about adjusting a trekking backpack to your back >>

    Read more what packing volume you need for daytrip, multiday trips etc >>


    Regular Long (RL) For longer backs/bigger torsos
    Regular Short (RS) For shorter backs / smaller torsos
    Padje Light, Saruk Pro, Saruk Expedition, Fulu Pro
    460-560 mm
    420-460 mm
    Gnaur 90L, 75L, 60L
    (adjustable back length)
    460-520 mm
    420-480 mm
    Gneik 54L, 42L, 34L
    (static back length)
    480 mm
    430 mm





    Technical specifications

    • Product number 1220002-333
    • FabricContent:
      • LPC ECO Ripstop 65% Polyester 35% Organic Cotton (FC Free DWR) 231 g/m2 PU-coating >1.500 mm, ECO Polyester 100% Polyester Bluesign (FC Free DWR) 300 g/m2 PU-coating >1.500 mm, ECO Liner 200D Poly Oxford 100% Bluesign Polyester (FC FREE DWR) 120 g/m2 PU-coating >1.000 mm
    • Country of origin:Vietnam
    • Carry weight:2.79 kg
    • Length:70 cm
    • Width:34 cm
    • Depth:27 cm
    • Backpack volume:60 L
    • Back length:420-480
    • Size range:75 L, 60 L
    • Gender:Unisex
    • Season:All Year
    • Concept:Saruk
    • Color:Dark Red


      How do I clean my backpack?

      Backpacks can be hand washed with lukewarm water and a little hand soap or mild soap solution.

      If re-proofing is required, we recommend a fluorocarbon-free waterproofing product such asToko Eco Proof. This makes the backback better at repelling dirt and moisture. Store in a cool, dry place.

      Storage in cold garages or storerooms carries an increased risk of mold, especially in fall/winter/spring. Our backpack guide has more tips.

      Are Lundhags backpacks waterproof?

      Our backpacks are made of materials that are either waterproof or water-repellent, are very robust and can withstand a little rain. However, as the seams are not taped, we recommend that you use a rain cover for your backpack when it rains.

      Browse all our raincovers here!

      Which Lundhags backpacks come with a rain cover, and which packs do you need to buy one for?

      Only our largest backpacks come with a rain cover: the Gnaur (60L, 75L, 90L), Saruk Pro (60L, 75L, 90L) and Saruk Pro Expedition 110+10L. You can purchase a suitable rain cover for the rest of our trekking backpacks separately.

      Browse all our raincovers here!

      Does Lundhags repair backpacks and carry spare parts?

      Much of what could break on our backpacks can be repaired and we carry some spare parts. Find spare parts and accessories here!

      Contact our customer support to find out what we can do for you.

      Which backpack should I choose and how big?

      Some people like to take as little as possible, others want to bring a little extra luxury along. The packing volume you need will depend on who you are, where you are going to hike (and when you are going to go), but there are some general guidelines. In winter, a little extra space is needed for warm clothes.

      • 10–30L Day trips without a tent
      • 30–50L Day hike with overnight stay in a cabin or small tent
      • 60–75L Multi-day trekking with tent, food, change of clothes, kitchen equipment
      • 90L+ Long hikes or expeditions where you need to be self-sufficient for more than a week.

      Read more about our specific models and what they are most suitable for here: WHICH BACKPACK IS BEST FOR WHICH ADVENTURE?

      How do I adjust my backpack for the best fit?

      Adjusting your backpack correctly is incredibly important. An incorrectly adjusted, heavy, rucksack easily leads to discomfort, incorrect stresses and pressure points. Get it set up right, so you can concentrate on your trip instead!

      We have a good guide here: HOW TO ADJUST YOUR BACKPACK

      Should I choose Regular Long or Regular Short?

      We have a good size guide here: Backpack size guide

      In addition to the back length mentioned in the size guide, your body shape may influence the choice – if it is narrow, an RS can often sit better than an RL, and if you are heavily built, an RL will often sit better.

      How do I pack my backpack?

      Pack heavy objects closest to your spine. Aim to center the weight for the best balance. Pack what you use frequently or want to access quickly at the top or in the lid, and pack what you rarely use at the bottom.

      Packing items in waterproof bags can save you a lot of trouble, both in the rain and when you are trying to find something. The most important tip is to practice packing, and the best way to do this is to spend a lot of time outdoors. That way you learn what works and what doesn’t, what you need and don’t need.

      Not sure what to take? Read our packing list here: PACKING LIST FOR HIKING – DAY TRIP

      What is the maximum weight I can carry in my backpack?

      At Lundhags, we prefer to talk about carrying comfort rather than a specific maximum weight for our backpacks. The more stable the carrier system, the heavier the load you can carry without it becoming uncomfortable.

      Carry Comfort 4: You can carry the heaviest weight with our Saruk Pro backpacks. If you are comfortable carrying 20–30 kg, the Saruk Pro can handle this without any problems.

      Carry Comfort 3 is provided by the Fulu Pro. This has a stable carrier system that you can also carry heavy loads with.

      Carry Comfort 2: The Padje Light is a lighter backpack, but it still has a stable carrying system. Under 20 kg is no problem for the Padje Light, as long as you are comfortable with the weight.

      Carry Comfort 1: The Fulu Core and Tived Light are the best of our backpacks for carrying the least weight while maintaining comfort – find your favourite!

    Shipping & returns

    The item must be unused and returned undamaged in the original packaging.

    A red backpack with straps.
    A red backpack with straps.
    Gnaur 60 RS Dark Red