Artut 26

A sleek and minimalistic daypack

  • A sleek and minimalistic daypack with functionality
  • Perfect for day tours and commuting
  • For all active people, such as hikers, travellers and commuters
  • With a laptop pocket and a top pocket that allows for maximum packing, Artut is versatile companion

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Product information

Size guides

Should I buy RL or RS?

Regular Long (RL) and Regular Short (RS) are markings on our Gnaur and Gneik trekking backpacks for two different back lengths. Measure your back length and find the best fit for you in this size table.


How do I measure my back length?

In this video, we show how to measure your backlength, how to adapt the carrying system and how to adjust a trekking backpack to your back.

Read more about adjusting a trekking backpack to your back >>

What packing volume do I need for trekking or hiking?

Some people like to bring as little as possible, some people want to bring some extra luxury. The packing volume you need depends on who you are and where you are going but there are some general pointers.

10-30L Daytrips without a tent.

30-50L Day- or overnight trips in a hut or with tent.

60-75L Multiday trekking with tent, food, change of clothes, kitchen gear.

90L+ Long treks and excursions where you need to be self-sufficient for 7+ days.



Regular Long (RL)
Regular Short (RS)
Gnaur 90L, 75L, 60L
(adjustable back length)
Gneik 54L, 42L, 34L
(static back length)





Technical specifications

  • Product number 1242031-900
  • FabricContent:Main material: LP 300, 100% Polyester, bluesign® approved. PU-coating >1 500 mm.
  • Size Range:26 L
  • Weight:780
  • Net weight (kg):0.88
  • Specification:Basic measurements: 46 x 28 x 21cm
  • Country of Origin:Vietnam
  • Backpack Volume (L):26
  • BackpackBackLength:460
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Color:Black
  • Size:26L

Shipping & returns

The item must be unused and returned undamaged in the original packaging.

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Artut 26 Black
Artut 26 Black
Artut 26 Black
Artut 26 Black
Artut 26 Black
Artut 26 Black
Artut 26 Black