All about the new Rottefella Xplore binding system

This year we are releasing two new boot models – the Abisku Xplore Ski Boot and the Abisku Expedition Xplore Ski Boot – both compatible with Rottefella’s new, high-tech and stable Xplore Off-Track binding system. Here, we go through the advantages of the new binding system and present our new ski boots. To answer all your questions, we have enlisted the help of our product expert Mats-Håkan Lundhag and our ambassador, the wilderness guide Urban Axelsson. 

Advantages of the new Xplore Off-Track binding system

It is immediately clear that Rottefella has focused on improving stability, mobility and comfort in developing its new binding system. ​​The new technology means smoother and easier skiing uphill, downhill and on the flat. The binding, which is considerably wider than the older BC system, is now placed further under the foot instead of all being at the toe. This provides much better stability and a more comfortable point of rotation, as the shoe bends more naturally, which in turn means that the entire movement during the kick and glide phase is easier and more comfortable. The integrated heel riser under the binding’s heel plate further facilitates uphill climbs.

The SpringPin technology means that there are two spring pins on the outer sides of the sole that allow you to easily click the shoe in and out without having to bend down. The placement on the sides reduces the risk of snow compacting and icing up. Another clever feature is that you can easily replace the flexers to adapt the binding to the varied terrain. You simply press the release button and then click in the new ones. The binding is supplied with Allround Flex, but there is Hard Flex for more stable downhill skiing properties, and a Free Pivot Plate for low resistance in flat skiing, or in steep ascents. You can buy the different flexers for less than a hundred kronor a pair.


What are the benefits of the new binding system?

Mats-Håkan: “I find the new Xplore system from Rottefella much easier to use than the old BC system. The difference in flexibility is evident in all types of skiing, and the stability is significantly better. Another thing I also think is good is that you no longer need to bend down to remove the bindings while wearing a heavy backpack. You simply click the shoe in and out using your ski pole."

Urban: “The new binding system has many advantages: a little more flex uphill as the attachment point is closer to the foot, and it’s also easy to change the firmness of the pad. At the same time, you still have good control of your skis when skiing downhill. The fact that the new soles have really good grip increases flexibility and safety when you’re not wearing your skis.”

Our new Abisku Xplore and Abisku Expedition Xplore ski boots

We have developed two new models of ski boot to fit the new Xplore binding system: Abisku Xplore and Abisku Expedition Xplore.  Both of these models build on our previous Guide range, which we have improved, tested and developed over many years. Abisku has the same proven technology, but with the big difference that it is now designed for Rottefella’s new binding system.

Both the Abisku models are flexible and functional all-round boots suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced skiers, and the modified sole means that they can now also cope with climbing and hiking in a satisfactory and safe way when there is not enough snow for skiing.

Warm, comfortable and safe boots

For the Abisku Expedition Xplore, we have developed the new Expedition Liner Pro to improve comfort, stability and warmth. The entire liner is made of 5 mm thick wool felt, which has been given a new tongue that keeps the warmth in, and also improves the fit and makes the shoe more comfortable on the foot. The liner also has an elasticated band to keep it on the foot, and it can even be used as a soft and warm indoor shoe.

The Abisku Xplore comes with the Guide Liner Pro, made of a thinner 3 mm wool felt, but which otherwise has the same design as the slightly thicker Expedition version.

The new liners also work with our Guide models, but since our liners are developed jointly with the shell boot, you cannot fit an Expedition Liner where there was a thinner Liner previously, or vice versa. If you have an older pair of ski boots at home that you want to make a bit warmer and more comfortable, you can upgrade with a pair of Liner Pros.


Abisku Xplore vs Abisku Expedition Xplore

The Abisku Expedition Xplore is designed for warmth and comfort on multi-day tours. The larger volume, thicker felt and higher shaft height make it better equipped for colder, longer and tougher trips. The Abisku Xplore has a shorter shaft and thinner wool felt in the liner, which makes the whole boot slightly smaller and tighter on the foot. This makes it ideal for day trips or tours where the temperature isn’t as extreme.

The benefits of Lundhags’ shell principle

Why should you have ski boots from Lundhags?

Mats-Håkan: “Lundhags’ shell principle makes us unique in the market and is probably why many military units use our products. It’s easy to remove and dry or change damp liners. The lower part of the boot is waterproof, and the leather shaft provides good protection. This way, you always have a dry shell that absorbs very little moisture. And the liners dry quickly – the best way is to wear them in your sleeping bag.”

Urban: “When I’m looking for boots, I want a pair with a good fit which protect well and provide warmth and stability. You get all this with these ski boots. For me, it’s a game changer. The Abisku is warm, comfortable and provides good protection against moisture from the outside. And as the liners are removable, you can easily take them out and air them, or replace them if you want to continue riding."


What kinds of trips do you have planned for you and your Abisku Xplore boots?

Urban: “Short recreational trips, bird hunting in the woods and mountain hikes. And what I love – simple mountain touring, telemarking on slightly wider skis, so you get the wonderful telemark turn.”

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