Backpacks Care Guide

With our roots in the demanding mountain environment of Jämtland, Sweden, we want to offer products that can deal with all imaginable conditions. Even in the mountains. Even when a backpack buckle is handled with a pair of thick winter gloves on.

With exclusive material choices, rugged fabrics, and true metal buckles, we have filled our backpacks with our history. And our philosophy of creating world-class outdoor products. Products that you can trust, for a very long time.



The design and construction of Lundhags backpacks are based on our collective experience and know-how from years of year-around outdoor activities. If our products work in the most challenging, cold and windy conditions, such as where glove-friendly operation is a must, they will also work during the summer. Therefore, we always strive to find small, sometimes unique solutions that make it easier to also operate your backpack during harder winter conditions.



Our backpack materials are carefully selected to match our sustainability criteria. This means not only being bluesign approved, but also using organic content or being fluorocarbon-free. Just as important are the long-lasting properties that will last several year of usage. Hence, our materials have completed stringent real life performance tests and in the laboratory to qualify. After all, a backpack that lasts is the best investment you can make.



Even the most relaxed trek can turn into a more challeng. ing adventure. Our mission is to ensure that your experi. ence, together with your choice of equipment, will result in you enjoying the outdoors even during more difficult outings. The materials, trims and seams should withstand years of use and not leave you stranded with, for example, a broken zipper or buckle. Therefore, we only work with high quality suppliers and we prefer oversized detailing instead of thinking minimalistic. Because it simply works better. Oversized zippers, well-dimensioned pull-tabs, large zipper pullers and sufficiently sized buckles are important factors when the weather turns bad, you are lost and perhaps out of energy.



We use RC (Racquet coil) zippers from YKK. Specially designed for luggage applications where resistance to abrasion is a must. This zipper has been precision engineered to meet the toughest performance require. ments and because the zipper is usually the weakest link in a backpack, our choice here is critical. We usually use the toughest size #10 on all main entrances for extra-long lasting functionality.



Generally, we use hardwearing metal components when. ever possible. Made from aircraft grade aluminium, they are durable and extremely strong aluminium stamping, meaning that they won’t fail during a long trek where help is far away.



We only use premium quality 420. 420D polyamide webbings supported by internally weaved core lines for extra tensile strength, which makes the webbing extra strong compared to weight ratio.



Our 210D polyamide bonded sewing thread is for any item that needs the highest seam strength. It is specially developed for high quality backpacks that require a high tenacity and where broken seams must be avoided. Superior abrasion resistance.