Per Sollerman: How to enjoy nature

Our Lundhags friend Per Sollerman is perhaps most known for his comprehensive knowledge of skating. But besides activities on ice, Per obviously appreciates the outdoors year-round. Here are Per’s best tips for enjoying nature.

The forest
The forest is incredibly important to me, so I’m out there a lot, especially with my dog. My dog makes me get outside in all weather and simply relax without a particular goal for the day.

Winter bathing
I began winter bathing some years ago. In the beginning, I did it maybe mostly with the idea of being prepared for the feeling of going through the ice. But with time, cold baths all year have become a nice thing to do regardless if I’m getting ready for skating or not.

Overnights and daytours with, for example, a kayak also mean truly nice nature experiences. I usually even visit the nearby lakes Vansjø and Børtervanna for skating. This year, I am going to try a so-called packraft, so I can have my dog with me.