What is: Nordic Skating

Going Nordic skating in the winter sun with kilometre after kilometre of shiny ice in front of you is truly a special feeling. The nature, the air, the company, and a very simple principle to move forward; right, left, right, left, farther, farther across the frozen lane.

It is said that the person who has taken their first stride over shiny ice is hooked. And that Nordic skating is growing in popularity is easy to understand, thanks to it being an activity that is just as suitable for family outings as for truly experienced adventurers.

For many years, Lundhags has been a strong brand name in Nordic skating, and with Black Ice, an updated and refined Nordic skating collection is introduced. The collection contains skates, accessories and safety products – all designed to provide as safe, comfortable and fun experience as possible.

Behind the new products, among others, is Stephen Copp, product head for skate development at Lundhags,

– Our new Nordic skates are built on a very simple idea, says Stephen. To always work with nature. It has been a major part of the product development and we have simply adapted our Nordic skates to nature’s nycker och rörelser.


Natural ice has a very particular ability to appear different from day to day, from temperature, how it has frozen and how high its salt content is. Hence, Nordic skates are made of both the strongest and most flexible material that skates can be in, with the profile in recycled aluminium and the blade in stainless steel.

Because when nature decides something, it’s just the way it is. We just follow along.

– We have simply gone in depth when it comes to technology, design and durability, says Stephen. Because when nature decides something, it’s just the way it is. We just follow along, keep up with nature’s moods, its fluctuations, its storms, calm and variations. And for the most part, it’s to just enjoy and experience.


Our nordic skates are made 100% in Sweden, and they have been adapted to nature’s movements to smallest detail, when it comes to construction, design and choice of materials.

– Natural ice changes every day, depending on the outside temperature, how the ice has frozen and how high is the salt content. Hence, Nordic skates have to be very technical and its materials the very best, says Stephen. 
The three models Dominator, T-skate and Fleet are all developed with a focus on creating a constant carving radius regardless of temperature and both the profile and blade are attached with spring rivets that go all the way through, providing a strong and reliable Nordic skate. At the same time, the construction allows the materials to move in relation to each other. The benefit is a lasting product that is easy to repair.

– The binding has even been moved forward compared to traditional Nordic skates, giving optimal foot placement in relation to the skate’s carving surface, instead of its total length. Therefore, pressure is placed correctly and you get a better edge, concludes Stephen.