The Season is Now

There is no timetable for new experiences. That great adventure of yours has no solid rules, and no set conditions. And neither does the everyday-ones. Instead it’s all up to you. To walk further, to explore more, and see the changes of the seasons.

Take the opportunity; and go outside. Because, in your mind, you know it really is that simple. Keep that thought, and let it move you into action. Get your backpack, tie your boots and make the most of what’s right in front of you.

The season is now.

For 85 years, we have seen the seasons change – along with weather, activities, and peoples’ dreams. Having our roots in the demanding mountain region of Jämtland, Sweden, means that we have learnt the importance of having reliable and comfortable boots, clothes, and equipment; and not to mention, we know the value of sustainability.

When choosing a pair of boots, a piece of clothing or a backpack from Lundhags you can rest assured that it will last both when the seasons change, and over time.

Our products are made for you to enjoy wearing, and to use for a very long time; a thought-trough collection, made from durable materials, with high repairability, and a Lundhags feel to every detail.

To us, the core of sustainability is to consume fewer products, of higher quality, and to use them for a longer time. This is why we strive to design and manufacture boots, clothes and backpacks of the highest quality and useful features for you to wear, and tear – and love – for a long time.