Serkan Günes

Feeling Before Technology: For Lundhags friend and one of Sweden’s most awarded nature photographers, Serkan Günes, photography is very little about technology. And he himself has never gone to photo school.

- For me, photography is about expressing your feelings. It’s like when you learn to choose the right word when writing a book.

This is what Serkan Günes is a master at. He has received numerous photography awards for his nature photos. For example, in 2006, he was the first Swede to be rewarded with the Eric Hosking Award by The Natural History Museum in London for his nature photographs, awarded annually to the world’s best nature photographer.

- As I see it, there is not school or university that can teach you to photograph. First and foremost, it’s about being out a lot and photographing, says Serkan Günes, who says that a shorter, instructor-led introduction is a good base of education for curious, future photographers.

- Take a course or participate in a workshop. It’s a good start, says Serkan, who emphasises the main point of photography.

- There are no shortcuts to the perfect picture. You decide yourself how good you want to be at photographing.

This is the way it usually is. Practice makes perfect.

Serkan Güunes


Lundhags’ friend, photographer, lecturer, and self-employed, Gällivare.

Favourite garment, spring and summer: My Authentic Pro-byxor.
Favourite garment, autumn and winter: Jonten pants. Because they are durable and that their simple construction makes them extremely user-friendly. 
Favourite boots: It’s hard to choose one! Vandra high in the summer, Jaure High for the spring and autumn. During the winter: Polar Quest.
Most important to have with you in the nature: Knife, fire bag and camera.
Favourite season: Autumn and winter.
Other interests besides photography:  Woodwork and leather handicrafts.