Flammans Skafferi

In Storlien is Flammen Skafferi, which lights up its wood-fired stone oven during the weekends and invites you to delicious dinners. The raw materials are sourced from the forests, mountains and streams. our sustainable farmers, growers and food craftsmen, and even the desserts can go into the wood stove and get a taste of the birch wood.

Guest games along with chefs, farmers, growers, food craftsmen, beverage experts and others who all share our attitude towards sustainable cooking, so-called reality food, are also a feature of Flammen's business.

Flammen Skafferi also offers cooking courses, inspiration courses. Everything from mushroom course that ends with mushroom dinner to sourdough course for home bakers. All in collaboration with inspirers from different parts of our elongated country.

Please visit www.flamman.nu for more info about this fantastic place.