Ida Ellingsund

I am a 28-year girl, raised in the fjords and mountains of western Norway. The outdoors has always been more or less a part of my life, but it was not until I turned 18 that I really opened up my eyes to what Norway’s magical nature has to offer.

Before this, I had travelled to Chamonix in France to study Winter Outdoors and Freeriding, which gave me a taste of the mountains, as well as the tools and knowledge to practise safe outdoors in the winter. Though I have always been surrounded by fjords and mountains, I was still forced to step out into the big world to understand that the adventure is right outside the door. Since then, I’ve kept mostly to the peaks around Norway, both summer and winter. I love both the views from there and the opportunities that the mountains offer, either by foot, on skis or split board. Alpine tours often meant that I went up a mountain peak, enjoyed the views and went home again the same day. Each time, I thought, “How wonderful it would be to stay up here? To not need to go home!”. After, I began packing my home into a backpack or a sled and my tours became ever longer. I crossed Hardangervidda National Park, during a ski competition called Expedition Amundsen that crossed Norway’s largest plateau Finnmarksvidda, the Tafjordfjella mountain range, and the mountains of Jotunheimen.

During the last four years when I and my “home” have been on tour, a big dream has grown. The more time I spent outdoors, the more my dream grew. The body and the head want more of life when travelling. I often walk on weekdays and go to bed with bad conscience due to all the things I haven’t done. When I travel, it’s the opposite – happiness is never far away. It can be the joy that the chocolate turvenninda vi uventa offers, a glowing sunset or simply the joy of being dry and having had enough to eat after getting through a challenging day. I want more of those experiences I get when travelling and thus grew the dream to cross all of Norway by foot. I didn’t dare speak about it for a long time or take the decision to just do it. One day, my friend Ida Hermans came by and told me that she had decided to finish the same dream from May to November 2020. I could not way any longer for the right moment. If not now, when? So, we decided to realize our biggest adventure ever – in 2020, we will walk through Norway from Lindesnes to the Northern Cape.

If you would like to follow us on our trip through Norway, you can find us as under the name "Team Ida", and on Instagram under @idahermans and @ida_en.

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