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  • Merino Wool

    Wool can really be one of the best materials for outdoor activity. It has good temperature-regulating properties that make it suitable for any season or climate. It also heats when it is wet and prevents bad odors.

    It is often enough to blow the garment to keep it fresh for longer. It is perfect for traveling on long trips or hiking. The great thing about wool fiber is that it is both renewable and biodegradable. We use 100% high quality merino wool that is certified Mulesing free. It has long strong but thin fibers that make it feel soft and comfortable and can be worn directly to the skin. We divide our range into two different thicknesses.

    Gimmer is the thin series that fits well directly to the skin. Soft and comfortable all year round, even in summer when it is warm outside. Ullto is the thicker alternative. It has a soft brushed back that gives extra warmth and fits well as layer two.

    If you need to wash it, use the wool program on the washing machine and a specific wool detergent. We recommend the Toko brand. Ordinary detergents wear extra on the fiber and shorten the life of the garment.

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