Lundhags Leather Grease or Leather Wax?⁠

What is the difference between Lundhags Leather Grease and Leather Wax?⁠ ⁠ We asked our shoe designer Niklas Karlsson to explain it to us:⁠

"Both Leather grease & Leather wax protect the leather in our boots from wet and outer impact and ensure that the leather retains its functionality. They rejuvenate the leather, act softening and keep it looking beautiful. Our Leather Grease is made from a traditional recepie in Jämtland and it smells wonderful of tar and goes deep into the leather, making the leather softer.⁠

Leather wax has the same positive properties for wetness and resistance to nature's impact but doesn't go as deep into the leather as grease, so it is not as softening to the leather if you like a stiffer feel in the boot shaft.⁠

When you lubricate leather it gets a little darker, if you have leather in a lighter color then you can gently test with wax first to see how it will affect the color. Leather grease makes the leather a little darker than wax if the leather is light.⁠

For nubuck boots, there is Shoe Proof & Care spray from Toko that maintains the mocha-like surface, but if you want to give them the absolute best protection against water, you use wax or grease. They make the surface appear glossier and darker in appearance but eventually get a nice waxed patina."

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