Pliking with Lundhags

At Lundhags we’re mad about nature. You can hear us cheering across the forest whenever someone new discovers the great outdoors. But as you’ve probably already figured out, more people out in the woods equals more litter, trash and waste. And we’re not mad about that. Let’s encourage our followers to enjoy nature and to always leave it in a better condition than before. To pick up litter while hiking. To go pliking!

We’re happy that so many discovered and rediscovered the outdoors this year. But sometimes trash and litter end up where it’s not supposed to be. That’s why we want to ecnourage you to go pliking (picking up litter while hiking).

Pliking is a version of Plogging which was founded by Erik Ahlström. This is  picking litter while jogging.

Pliking Campaigns

To make it a bit more interesting we every now and then set up campaings where you can win products from us. 

The last campaign were between 27/11-6/12 2020. And we are at the moment sending out our beautiful Baxen Backpack to our lucky participants. Congrats!

Next campaign is planned to spring 2021.