The Heritage collection pays homage to previous models from our long tradition of boot making. Traditional work boots with timeless design. Made with modern materials and great attention to detail.

Made with great attention to detail and craftsmanship, the new Heritage collection from Lundhags pays homage to Lundhags’ long history of quality products. Inspired by original designs from our past, these products are as comfortable as they are timeless.

To succeed in the task of creating modern work boots from classic models within Lundhags’ expansive product archives, the entire design and production process needed to be reevaluated, explains Shoe Designer Niklas Karlsson.

In order to obtain the right feel, we needed new material. From the German tannery Heinen, a long-standing supplier to Lundhags, a dark brown Bergamo leather from Heinen's Terracare line was selected. The leather is just like any other material from Heinen, free from environmentally unsafe Chromium VI. At the same time, it has just the right feel that Lundhags’ designers were looking for.

- Bergamo leather has a darker and oilier surface, which perfectly fits the finish that we wanted to give the Heritage collection. To provide even more comfort, we have also decided to make the insoles on all models from an extra fine leather quality, says Niklas and explains that Heritage also needed a newly designed outsole for comfort.

- To provide Heritage boots with a comfortable step, we chose to make the new sole slightly beveled at the rear. The sole is also lower than traditional Lundhags soles. We have also constructed a new sole pattern. It should help prevent small rocks and debris from getting caught when you are out walking, says Niklas.


Lundhags' Heritage collection consists of seven modern work boots. All inspired from Lundhags’ long shoemaking tradition with modern features and updated materials. The boots in the Heritage collection are manufactured from the finest Bergamo Leather and nubuck from the German tannery Heinen.

The leather is from Heinen's eco line Terracare where no Chromium VI is used.

All Heritage boots have newly developed lasts giving the boots a more comfortable feel when walking and a snugger design. Heritage boots have the newly developed, thinner "Commando sole". A slightly beveled outsole with a new sole pattern, for both enhanced comfort and effective grip.