Classic 1-layer boot

Color: Black (900)

Park is a stylish and classic 1-layer boot with attitude, equally suitable in the mountains and in town.

  • Light and versatile 1-layer shell boot with a medium high shaft.
  • Just as suitable for hiking in the mountains as for everyday usage in town.
  • For those who want a versatile and functional boot with an urban style.
  • Park has a shaft in full grain leather. Waterproof lower part in cellular rubber constructed according to Certech 2.0-technology. Ruged Lundhags Wayfinder outsole.


    Product information


    The mid-cut, classic Lundhags shell boot that is suitable for the mountains and around town. Park is for the person in the forest, on the trail, or in town, who wants a quality full-grain leather boot. Heinen Terracare Leather, a waterproof cellular rubber bottom, and our Lundhags Wayfinder outsole ensure durability and lightweight. Park’s design makes it easy to repair, giving the user years of enjoyment.

    Technical specifications


    • Net weight (kg):1.86
    • Net volume (l):0
    • FabricContent:Certech 2.0 Cellular rubber base, Heinen Terracare full-grain leather, Lundhags Wayfinder outsole
    • Gender:Unisex


    • Color:black
    • Size:36
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    Size guides

    Size guide for Lundhags boots


    The easiest way to quickly find the right size is put on a thin sock and measure your feet from heel to toe, then add 20 mm and compare with the sizes in the table below.

    EUR 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48
    UK 3 1/3 4 5 5 2/3 6 1/2 7 1/3 8 9 9 2/3 10 1/2 11 1/3 12 13
    MM 246 253 259 266 273 279 286 293 299 306 313 319 326



    We work with several different lasts for our collection of boots. They differ slightly and it is therefore important to know which last is made for the boot you choose.



    This last has the same shape as the Opti-last, but has been modified throughout the years to best fit women and smaller sizes. Somewhat narrower and higher over the ankle.


    This last is slightly wider and has a lower ankle measurement to prevent the foot from sliding forward. The toe box is developed from earlier versions to offer more space for your toes.


    This last is a further development of our previous Normal last, where the volume has increased and the big toe box has become straighter to provide extra space. It fits feet with high ankle measurements, which many of us have.