Product Claims

Lundhags manufactures all of our products to meet our exceptional standards. However, regardless of how carefully you use or how well you care for your Lundhags products, all products have the potential to develop issues or require maintenance before the end of their expected lifespan. With respect to your product guarantee and local laws, you can submit a claim for these products here.

Do you want to submit a claim for a product purchased in our online store?

If you do not have an account but purchased in our online store, you can create one with the email address used for the purchase. Your order will be linked automatically. Once complete, follow the steps below.

LOGIN or Create an Account

  1. Go to Order History, within the My Account menu
  2. Go to the relevant order containing the product you wish to claim on
  3. Click "Submit a claim"
  4. Follow the steps

Do you want to submit a claim for a product purchased elsewhere?

If you have purchased the product from one of our partners or in one of our stores, you must still create an account to complete the claims process.  Click "Log in or Create an Account". You will also get the option "New User" and once complete you can follow the link below again.

LOG IN or Create an Account

You can also send the claim via ordinary mail.

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