Ida Hermans

Being out in nature has been my big passion and has given me so much pleasure in recent years. I cannot count how many times I have thought: “There is no place on Earth where I would rather be than here”. These golden moments give me the driving force and motivate me to explore and experience more of Norway. But it is also in nature that I have thought the most: ”Now, I want to be anything else than this”, and just sit down and watch tv from a soft sofa.

It is these contrasts that make it extra special and fascinating to be out on a tour. It has motivated me to go on longer trips and helped me to prepare for different competitions like cross-country skiing and Expedition Amundsen. To challenge the physical and mental strength as you get a natural experience is a win-win situation. This has also contributed to my decision to realize the dream of walking Norway. In May 2020, my good friend, Ida Ellingsund, and I from Lindesnes to the Northern Cape. We’re looking forward to starting our adventure, which we know will give both joy and sorrow.

In connection with Expedition Amundsen 2016, Ida was very happy to be a part of The aim of the blog and #tourgents on Instagram is to get more girls (and guys) to go on tours. To be part of this and inspire, motivate others to get out in nature, and benefit from the beautiful nature we have in Norway is very rewarding.

If you would like to follow us on our trip through Norway, you can find us as under the name "Team Ida", and on Instagram under @idahermans and @ida_en.