Close-by adventures with Rania Rönntoft

Nature. It’s always there; independent and free. To us in Scandinavia it’s extremely available. Now more than ever, it’s a place to escape to where we can be safe and recharge. I find energy in the fresh air - the smell and sounds of the forest pushes the stress away.

It does not have to be a grand adventure that is well planned, nor do you need a lot of gear and you do not need to travel far to experience magic. Close by adventures are always available and you just have to find the ones that suit you and the place you live in. 
For me it can be a walk in the forest after lunch, sitting down with coffee leaning against a tree: exploring plants, colors and textures with my camera. It’s a way of mindfulness and it lets me see the world in a new light. It can also be going for a day hike with friends, bringing a game and some food or just driving along forest roads in the evening, chasing the golden sunset.





As I’ve explored the town that I live in and the surrounding areas I’ve learned where there are good spots for fika, where to enjoy a good view or sunset, where I can easily get away from the bustle of the city by walking, biking or taking a bus.

Don’t be afraid to explore. Just pack a small bag with some snacks, water, coffee or tea, maybe a little treat. A seating pad, multitool and first aid kit is always a good idea to have at hand as well! Wear comfortable clothes and layer well so that you can shed or add depending on the temperature or if it’s windy. Check the forecast and bring a shell if rain could be a possibility. Don’t let it discourage you, just dress for it - nature is beautiful in the rain too: The sound of water hitting the leaves and the way the droplets glisten on the green leaves and moss, it’s all quite magical.

I think it’s important to redefine what “adventure” means. It’s for everyone and more accessible than we think. I encourage you, take the time to head outside - find your own close by adventure! // Rania,