Nordic Skating Shoes - Simple Construction, Advanced Technology

Our long-distance skates are developed with a focus on precision and stability as well as constant road radius regardless of temperature. They are made from recycled Swedish material and are recyclable after their long service life.

We have different options for different riders in terms of binding. If you rarely go, a tie for regular boots might be best for you. If you are looking to maximize the feeling and the experience, we recommend skiing with loose heels, for example T-skate NNN BC with BC-binding which fits very well with all our skating rides.

Ice claws

Perhaps the most important part of your personal equipment on the ice is ice studs. The ice studs are easily accessible around the neck and are used to take you out of an ice cube should the accident occur. It is important that you get a good grip on the handles and that the tips are sharp enough to hack into the ice. As a rule, never stay on the ice without good ice studs and, above all, do not have them in your bag where you will not be able to access them when you are in an ice rink.

We recommend the Grip ice claw

Save and be saved

If someone would go through the ice and get into the water, it's your duty to help the person out of the water. We have developed a security system that facilitates rescue as well as being rescued. The system consists of a backpack, safety harness and rescue rope.

Our Secura safety system includes crotch straps as well as an extension belt with a carabin hook. These are mounted on a compatible backpack, such as the GERO 35 WP, to form a rescue harness. This facilitates rescue by allowing others to throw their lifeline to you, you can attach it to the carabiner on your harness, and they can help pull you up.

To be able to save others, you need a rescue line, such as the Norrøre rescue line, which is also attached to your backpack and advantageously anchored to your harness.

NOTE! Always ensure that all of your safety equipment is fully and correctly assembled before embarking on the ice, even if you are not going.


In order for the ride to feel good, it is important to keep the skates in good condition with high sharpness. You can advantageously use our Web skate holders or Storage bag to protect the sharp edges during transport and storage.


Like all other outdoor activities, good clothes are needed to make skating as enjoyable as possible. It is important to stay warm in the wind, but also to be able to move properly and stay dry. Our "Kring Jacket" and "Kring Pant" are available in ladies and gentlemen and are designed with specific materials and features to enable you to ride with the highest comfort possible.