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Ice Safety

Ice Safety / produkter

Secura Safety System

Secura Safety System (Red)

325 KR

A safety system for fast partner rescues when on the ice. The straps connect to the backpack with velcro attachments. With adjustable crotch strap and

Norröra Rescue Line

Norröra Rescue Line (Red)

300 KR

A 24 meter floating rescue rope made from Polypropylene with weight to optimize throwing. The storage bag glides well on ice and snow, and has an adju

Knee Pads

Knee Pads (Black)

250 KR

Comfortable knee pads with Velcro straps for Nordic Skating. Can also be used as elbow pads.

Norröra PRO

Norröra PRO (Red)

375 KR

A 24-meter floating rescue rope made from Polypropylene with removable weight to optimize throwing and a tool bag. The weight can be replaced with sp


Striim (Black/Red)

1200 KR

A double ice pike made from hardened aluminium and components from Swix.


Vassu (Black/Red)

900 KR

Lightweight exercise poles that are approved for use as an ice pike for guided tours.


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