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Throughout the years, we have learned quite a bit about much of the outdoors – which we want to gladly share and will update our tips & advice regularly


Size guide for Lundhags clothing. Women, men and junior.

4 Hiking tips in Åre

Åre has easier and slightly harder tours. Just pick and choose, after your mood and ability. Here are four of our favourites.

Ajne’s adventure on black ice

Mårten Ajne has over 30 years of Nordic skating experience. He often spends about 40 days a year on natural ice in Sweden and abroad. He has written books on the subject and participated in the product development of Lundhags’ new Nordic skating products. Few people can describe the technique behind and show the fascination of gliding over frozen water like Mårten.

Packing list for hiking

To get as much as possible from your hike, respect for nature and an understanding of the required equipment are needed. Of course, how to pack your bag and which equipment you choose is very individual, but we have listed our best tips here.


Size guide for Lundhags boots.

Heritage kängor

Size guide for Lundhags Heritage boots

Food in the mountains

We at Lundhags will be the first endorse that it is wonderful to hike. But the fact is that it is really nice to sit down and eat as well. Meals are often the best part of the whole hike.

Black Ice

Our sharpest Nordic skating collection. Ever.

Choosing the right sock

Our boots are constructed according to the shell principle, which means that they are like an outer garment for your feet. Hence, they should be supplemented with two pairs of socks, according to the shell principle. And an insole. Everything, of course, with a large content of wool for the most comfort and function.

Custom made

We offer specially manufactured boots in three models: Custom Style, Custom Fit and Custom Made.

About the lundhags boot

For many, Lundhags is synonymous with the world’s best boots. Partly thanks to their superior durability, partly thanks to the boots, via the shell principle, adaptability to every given situation and activity. 


Read more about which material are in our boots.


Read more about the materials in our backpacks.


Our clothing is comprised of many different types of materials. Everything to suit the simple walk to the tough hike.

Black Ice

Going Nordic skating in the winter sun with kilometre after kilometre of shiny ice in front of you is truly a special feeling. The nature, the air, the company, and a very simple principle to move forward; right, left, right, left, farther, farther across the frozen lane.

Kittelfjäll Mountains – Lapland’s treasure

Nature doesn’t make a fuss in Kittelfjäll. It requires you to be prepared and to know what you are doing. Just like outdoor lovers here want it.


Size guide for Lundhags Nordic skates.

Boot care

Unlike certain other splendid products, Lundhags boots don’t win in being repaired, they are to be used. If you take care of your boots properly, they can last for decades.

Dare to get lost

Why should we go out into nature? This question was asked to wilderness guide and Lundhags friend Urban. He tells of daring to get lost, how a bad memory can be of great help and why he went out to look at beavers.

Nature Personified

Eva Bromée, the hunter, the dog trainer, and the wilderness guide is more outside than in. Spring, summer, autumn and winter – she lives in and off the nature.

Feeling before technology

For Lundhags friend and one of Sweden’s most awarded nature photographers, Serkan Günes, photography is very little about technology. And he himself has never gone to photo school.