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Almost nothing in nature is constant. Seasons, colours and conditions shift in a constant flow. Our assortment is developed to meet all needs and we have divided our pants into three categories: waterproof hybrid (WP Hybrid), stretch hybrids and waterproof shell (Waterproof).

Fit and

Fit and function have seldom been synonymous. One of our hallmarks is garments that fit well. When we combine this with functional features and carefully chosen materials, the result is pants that are both hard-wearing and comfortable to wear. Pant that you want to move in.

WP Hybrid

In hybrid pants, we have combined Lundhags PolyCotton stretch (LPC Stretch) with our waterproof 3-layer membrane Zethar. Hence, we have created a pant that is waterproof where you need it most - on the knee, the behind, the front of the thigh and lower leg. The LPC panels allow the pant to ventilate well and you to exert yourself in them without sweating.

  • Built-in waist adjustment for better fit.
  • 3-layer waterproof Zethar over the seat and front of the leg.
  • Articulated knees for better fit and increased mobility.
  • Long two-way zipper on the lower leg allow for generous ventilation.
  • Pant cuff adjustment seals out wind and water.
  • Ventilation through the hand pockets.
  • Spacious zippered pocket on right leg.
  • LFC with mechanical stretch for increased mobility.
  • Keprotec reinforcements furthest down on the pant provide extra reinforcement where wear and tear is hardest.
  • Boot hooks that can attach to the boot laces to hold pant legs in place.
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Stretch Hybrid

Our hybrid pants with stretch are developed for you to move as free as possible. The pants are durable and have generous stretch panels in the right places for increased flexibility.

  • Stretch sections over the hip and seat.
  • Close-fitting and flexible fit.
  • LPC with mechnical stretch for increased mobility.
  • Articulated knees.
  • Schoeller Dryskin stretch over the seat and front of the lower leg for maximum freedom of movement and durability.
  • Boot hook that can attach to the boot's laces and keep the pant leg in place.
  • Ventilation through the hand pockets.
  • Bellowed pockets with cell phone inner pocket and space for a map and compass.
  • Ventilation on the inside of the thigh.
  • Two-way ventilation on the outside of the lower leg.
  • Keprotec reinforcements furthest down on the pant provide extra reinforcement where wear and tear is hardest.
  • Lower leg adjustment.
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When the weather is bad, or let's say demanding, with a lot of precipitation, you will find our most suitable garments in the Waterproof category. For the pants, we use 3-layer Zethar and if you dress according to the layer-on-layer principle, you will be well-equipped for all weather conditions, from pouring rain to cold, wet snow.

  • Hand pockets with water resistant zippers.
  • 3-layer Zethar membrane keeps you dry.
  • Spacious leg pockets with rugged flaps provide quick access to everything you want to have close by.
  • Ventilation with long two-way zippers along the leg.
  • Articulated knees with space for a kneepad.
  • Schoeller Keprotec reinforcements from the knee and down for maxiumum durability.
  • Pant hook that can attach to the boot's laces and keep the pant leg in place.
  • Lower leg adjustment keeps out wind and moisture.
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Easy choice

Right material on the right place is our philosophy during the development of new and existing pant models. Form will follow function. Sustainability is our focus regarding both aesthetics and wear and tear. The material we choose should have the least possible effect on nature.

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