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Qualtiy of life

Lundhags boots are built on a craftsmanship and a quality that will endure all your long term efforts. If you care for them properly, they will last even longer. At our shoemaker's shop, you even have the possibility to get service and repairs if needed. Thus, it is easy to not only get a pair of boots, but also a new friend for life.

since 1932

We believe that experience, trade knowledge, and intuition are factors that are hard to replace. So, we have never tried to. Of course, we use modern technology, but we will always be shoemakers, literally. That we can work, sew, feel and approve with our hands is our legacy.

Only the best

Every detail in a Lundhags boot should fulfil a function and every material should be the best for the purpose. Our boots have a traction-friendly outsole that will last many miles and provide you with a sense of security in trackless terrain. We use the finest leather in the shafts, and a brand new cellular rubber on the lower parts of our newer models provides excellent comfort.

It's all in
the leather

We have worked with leather for more than 85 years. It is the basic foundation in our boots and a part of our Lundhags brand name. The majority of our boots use full-grain leather. The most durable is from the outermost part of the hide. And we have not mentioned the best part. A leather that is cared for gets better with age.

Quality from
the foundation

You won't get far without a good foundation. The lower part of Lundhags boots is manufactured in a material that is completely waterproof and provides stability even when carrying a heavy load and walking in trackless terrain. In Certech EXP, the outer layer is comprised of light and durable Liba Smart, while the inner is a microfibre for a comfortable feel against the legs and ankle.

Step absorber

Lundhags soles can handle more than just standing and walking on. The pattern of the outsole is well-conceived and made for the best grip on tough terrain. A dampening and stabilising material between the outsole and foot provides increased comfort and a more forgiving step.

A new

We are faced with a generation shift. Prior to 2017, we have updated our 3-layer boots with a completely new type of cellular rubber, Certech EXP, and a new midsole that gives a more supple boot. Suppleness comes foremost from the new Certech material and the new Beta Pro insole. A new heel wedge also provides better absorption. The focus has been on further improving comfort in the boots, while the functionality and repairability maintain a new standard.

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1-layer boots

The classic Lundhags boot is built on a 1-layer construction, with a layer of leather in the shaft and without a midlayer or lining. This results in a supple shaft that forms around the foot and leg. A durable and waterproof cellular rubber bottom is under your feet, and the classic Lundhags feel is there from the first step.

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3-layer boots

As the name implies, our 3-layer boots are more built up in their design and insulate more than 1-layer boots. The shaft is comprised of two leather layers with a layer of stabilising Ariaprene® in between, giving high stability and unbeatable protection.

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Lined boots

Sometimes, the temperature drops way below zero, but it doesn't need to affect your experience. Our lined boots, with insulated outsoles, are equipped to withstand substantial cold and provide comfort when hiking. The cellular rubber is thicker, and the inner boot in wool felt is removable and can be dried during your winter tour to restore the boot to its original comfort.

Lundhags lined boots are a seasonal product and will return in stocks autumn 2017.


When we manufacture boots, we prioritise comfort, performance and long durability.

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Sometimes, our boots return once again to our shoemaker in Järpen. After all, even the best materials wear out when they get used a lot. And then we are there, ready to repair and replace pieces of your boots. Wear and tear, but not to be thrown out. It serves not only you, but the environment.

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Care your boots

Take the time to care for your boots at regular intervals. We promise that it will pay off many times over.

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